Section 5

Divine Tips

Most illnesses can be cured by simple living, simple exercises and by intelligent control of the tongue.

Tip # 1: Avoid idleness through self-help

Illness is the inevitable result of idleness and indulgence; health is the inevitable consequence of a tough hard life. If everyone decides to carry on all personal services themselves, rather than depend on servants or helpers, the health situation will definitely improve and hospitals will have much less work. Some people do not do any physical exercises and lead a sedentary life. My advice to office-goers and students is that it is good for them to commute by cycle at least 5 or 6 kilometers a day. This cycling exercise is very useful not only for maintaining health but also for reducing the expenditure incurred on automobiles. Another advantage is the avoidance of accidents. Moreover, it serves to reduce atmospheric pollution caused by the release of harmful fumes from automobiles. Be (outdoors) in the sun; let the sun’s rays penetrate into the home, let the rays fall upon the body for some time, let the rays warm and illumine clothes and food; that will suffuse the clothes and food with health.

Tip # 2: Moderation in Lifestyle

Men must learn to moderate the hectic pace of living. Hurry causes worry and worry causes disease. “Hurry, worry and curry (fatty food)” are the causes of heart diseases. Therefore the first requirement is control of food and head (the mind). When you control these two, there will be no room for illness.


Tip # 3: Control what you see and listen

Do not seek to listen to vile and vicious stories. This tendency reveals a diseased mind. What is heard is imprinted, like a carbon copy, through the ear, on the heart. One is injuring oneself through indulgence in this evil habit. We should also avoid viewing TV, video, etc., while eating food, as they may cause mental disturbances. Keep the eye, ear, tongue, hands and feet under restraint. Don’t read enervating or exciting stuff; don’t attend film shows which exhaust or inflame the mind. Don’t lose faith in yourself, you are the Divine encased in the body.



Tip # 4: Control passions and emotions

How to bring about mental transformation? Any amount of development in the areas of scientific, economic and social spheres will not be of much use without mental transformation. How can we bring about this transformation? It is by restraining passions and emotions. Since mental tension is most detrimental to man’s health, man should learn the art of controlling his passions and emotions, which cause stresses and strains. It is also essential to keep our mind serene and peaceful while eating food. We should not indulge in discussion of topics which will cause agitation and excitement and disturb our mental peace while we are taking food. Mental tension is responsible for ill health. Passions yield only temporary satisfaction, but cause serious emotional disturbances. Hence, it is imperative on the part of man not to yield to any unbecoming passions while taking food. The observance of the three P’s, namely, purity, patience, and perseverance, vouchsafes permanent happiness and good health free from diseases.

Contentment is the best tonic; why inflict on yourself the disease of greed and consume tonics to get strength, and to hanker further? Use the body as a boat to cross the ocean of life, with devotion and detachment as the two oars.


Tip # 5: Control Anger and Tension

It is only by sense control and steadfastness that one can lead a happy and healthy life. Along with control of the mind, one should control the temper and avoid tension. Prevention of disease should be the goal. We should aim at a human society free from diseases. It will be a happy day when a hospital gets no patients at all.

Anger is an enemy of health. It injects poison into the bloodstream and brings about profound transformation which damages it. Here is an example: Two women, who were neighbours turned into bitter enemies on account of a dispute over a very trivial incident. The cow belonging to one woman while going on the road dropped its dung in front of the other woman’s house. The owner of the cow ran to collect the dung, while the other woman claimed that it belonged to her since it lay on her doorstep. From words they very nearly came to blows. Just then the other woman’s little baby veiled from the cradle. She rushed in to feed the baby and while the child was drawing in its food, she shouted most ferociously at her neighbour. Her anger poisoned her blood so much that the child died while drinking her milk! Another cause of ill-health is vice and vile conduct. People believe that a wicked person need not be a diseased person but most diseases are mental illness, fundamentally.

Diseases which torment man are many in number; of these, hatred, envy and egoism are the worst. Even doctors cannot cure them, for most of them suffer from these. One Should develop equanimity and serenity, if one desires to be free from these diseases. Self-restraint is essential to maintain health. Regulate your habits and develop good manners, which are the mark of a true man.

Tip # 6: Develop Good Thoughts, Words and Deeds

Health does not depend on medicine. Good words, good manners, good sight, good thoughts–these are essential. What can even powerful or costly medicines do if one is ill with bad thoughts and bad feelings? On the other hand, virtuous living, beneficial thoughts, elevating ideals and righteous conduct can confer not only health, but what is even more precious, Atmananda, the Ecstatic Awareness of the Reality itself.

Good health is very essential for anyone leading a meaningful life. To enjoy good health, one should have water, food and air free from pollution. Now all these three are polluted. Apart from these, man’s mind is also polluted. To purify the mind, one should nurture noble and sacred thoughts of service to others. One who does not hurt anybody and has feelings of love and compassion to fellow beings is the greatest of men. That is why sage Vyasa Gave the essence of the Eighteen Puranas he composed in the aphorism; “Help Ever, Hurt Never.” You should make every effort to avoid harming others in any circumstance. You are only hurting yourself when you hurt others. You should not use harsh words. When you develop human values, you can be free from diseases and even enjoy good health with God’s Grace.

Tip # 7: God Contemplation

A healthy mind is needed for a healthy body. But it is not enough to be physically healthy. Keeping the mind fixed on God and good ideas and things also helps health. Man needs Daiva-anugraham (God’s grace) also. To Acquire God’s grace you have to cultivate the love of God.

Apart from the exercise of care in the food consumed there should also be Daiva chinthana (contemplation of the Divine). Because people don’t think of God, they are subjected to a lot of misery. Without divine thought, man is harbouring two bad qualities. One, he hides many defects and evil qualities within himself. The other is, he magnifies even minor faults in others. Because of such evil qualities among human beings diseases are also on the increase. Only when human effort is there, with God’s grace, good results will be attained.

Regular prayers twice a day will give strength and courage, which can withstand illness. The Grace of God will confer mental peace and so, good sleep and rest for the mind. Feel that you are hundred percent dependent on God; He will look after you and save you from harm and injury. When you go to bed, offer thankful homage to Him for guiding and guarding you throughout the day. When a friend or someone offers you a glass of water, you immediately say, “Thank you”; how much more gratitude should you evince to God who watches you and wards off all harm threatening to overwhelm you. Activity must be dedicated to God, the Highest Good. Then, it will provide health of body and mind.

Tip # 8: Take Swami’s life as an example

How to lead a healthy life? Let Me tell you about My own health. I am sixty eight years old, and believe it or not, My weight since my 14th year of age has been constant at 108 pounds only. It never went up to 109 pounds not came down to 107. You can lead a healthy life once you achieve this kind of balance and moderation. I never eat even a little bit excess. I observe the principle of moderation whether I am invited for food by a millionaire or a pauper. Even though I’m sixty eight years old, My body is in perfect trim! I do not suffer from aches and My heart is as sound as a rock. There is none who can work like Me and exert himself as much as I do! The Secret of My sound health is My regulated food habits. This is how one has to achieve the unity and harmony of food, head and God.

I am 70 years old now. I can see even an ant that is far away. It is not due to divine power. It is physical power. What is the reason? Diet control. My weight has remained the same for over sixty years—108 lbs only. Proper balance must be maintained throughout life. 

As soon as we wake up in the morning, w e should cleanse our mouth. The inner and outer sides of teeth should be brushed well. Surface of the tongue should be cleaned thoroughly. For, mouth is the front entrance, the gateway for all diseases. While talking t o each other we should be cautious of unpleasant odor. Health should thus be protected through hygiene. Not only this, each working part of the body should be fit and robust. We should always be aware of the truth that divinity is inherent in each limb and organ of the body. That is why Vedas extol God as “Angeerasa”, essential fluid in the limbs. Each part of the body has its intrinsic characteristic goodness.