Swami Sings Verses

Swami Sings Verses

This section of the blog is a compilation of the Sanskrit verses sung by Bhagawan Baba, mostly at the beginning of His Discourses and at times during the Discourse. The verses are mostly Subhashitanis that contain finite lines with infinite wisdom.
The audio clip of the verse has a name that adopts the following code: Title relating to the central theme of the poem, Duration of the clip, Year-Month-Date of the Clip. Below the title is the English transliteration of the poem followed by the translation in English. Below the English translation is the audio player.  

Na Punyam Na Paapam-I am none of these-3.33-1990 May 27
I am Sat Chit Ananda Swaroopa

Na Punyam Na Paapam Na Saukhyam Na Dukham

Na Mantro Na Teertham Na Vedo Na Yajnaha
Aham Bhojanam Naiva Bhojyam Na Bhokta
Satchidananda Rupa Satyam Shivam Sundaram
I am neither virtue nor vice, neither pleasure nor pain,
I am neither mantra nor sacred place, neither Vedas nor sacrifices,
I am neither the food, nor the eater, nor the act of eating.
I am the very form of Truth, Awareness and Bliss,
I am Truth, Auspiciousness and Beauty.
I am neither virtue nor sin. I am neither happiness nor sorrow. I am neither a mantra nor a sacred place. I am neither the experiencer nor the doer. I am the very embodiment of Truth, Awareness and Bliss – I am Truth, Auspiciousness and Beauty. This mantra relates to every individual. 
27 May 1990

Sadayam Hrudayam Yasya Bhaashitam-Kali cannot harm-2.18-1993 May 22
Seek immunity from the evil impact of Kali age

Sadayam Hrudayam

Yasya Bhaashitam (Tat) Satya Bhooshitam,
Kaaya Para Hiteyasyaam
Kalau Tasya Karoti Kim
A heart full of compassion,
Speech full of truth,
A body dedicated to service,
What can Kali (age) do to such a one?
Embodiments of Love! The one whose heart is filled with compassion, the one whose word is associated with love, the one whose body strives for serving others, such a one can never be affected by any evil power or the evil impact of the Kali age.
22 May 1993

Grishtam Grishtam Punarapi Punaha-Trials and tribulations give bliss-3.59-1996 September 16
Life is a challenge – Meet it!

Grishtam Grishtam Punarapi Punaha,

Chandanam Chaarugandham
Chhinnam Chhinnam Punarapi Punaha,
Swaadu Chaiveshtu Kaandam
Daghdham Daghdham Punarapi Punaha
Kaanchanam Kaanti Varnam
As we grind (rub) the sandalwood again and again
We get a pleasant fragrance
As we chew the sugarcane again and again
We experience the sweetness in it
As we heat the gold again and again
It starts shining brilliantly
Embodiments of Love! As we keep grinding (rubbing) the sandalwood piece, we get a very pleasant fragrance. As we keep chewing the sugarcane more and more, we experience the sweetness in it. The more we heat the gold and melt it, the impurities are removed and it starts shining brilliantly.
Na Paapam Tena Praantena
Prakruti Vikruti Jaayate Uttamaanaam
A noble man, in spite of facing any sorrow, difficulty and worry; does not lose his moral values, and with Divine feelings and a novel life sets a joyful example to the world.
16 September 1996

Janma Dukham-Maata Naasti-Tasmaat Jaagratah-Be careful-0.31-1993 May 23 and 1996 July 06
Be on guard!!

Janma Dukham, Jaraa Dukham,

Jaaya Dukham Punah Punah
Antya Kaale Mahaa Dukham,
Tasmaat Jaagrata Jaagrata Jaagrata!
Maata Naasti, Pita Naasti,
Naasti Bandhu Sahodarah
Artham Naasti, Griham Naasti,
Tasmaat Jaagrata Jaagrata Jaagrata!
Birth is misery, Old age is misery,
Spouse is a misery now and again,
The final moments are most sorrowful,
Therefore, beware, beware, beware!
Mother is unreal, Father is unreal (non-existent),
Relatives and friends are unreal,
Wealth is unreal, House is unreal,
Therefore, beware, beware, beware!
The word “beware” can also be understood as “to be on guard”. The word “unreal” is to be understood as “non-existent” or of “ephemeral nature”.
23 May 1993 
& 06 July 1996

Jihvaagre Vartate Lakshmi-Tongue is most important-1993 May 23
The tongue is very important!

Jihvaagre Vartate Lakshmi

Jihvaagre Mitra Baandhavaha
Jihvaagre Bandhanam Praapti
Jihvaagre Maranam Dhruvam
Lakshmi resides on the tip of the tongue
By the tongue are determined friends and relatives
The tongue can be the cause of bondage
The tongue can also lead to death.
Students, by virtue of words man can win a kingdom. You can also acquire wealth and property. By virtue of your speech you can promote friendship. Through words you can also develop your relationship. You can also invoke death through your speech.           

23 May 1993

Naasti Lobha Samo Vyaadhih-Wisdom gives real happiness-1995 May 25
Wisdom alone gives happiness!

Naasti Lobha Samo Vyaadhi

Naasti Krodha Samo Ripuhi
Naasti Daaridryavat Dukham
Naasti Jnaana Samo Sukham (2)
There is no disease like greed,
There is no enemy like anger,
There is no sorrow greater than poverty,
There is no happiness equal to wisdom.
In this world, there is no disease other than miserliness. In this world, there is no other enemy than anger. There is no misery other than poverty. There is no happiness other than wisdom.       

25 May 1995

Pradoshe Deepakaschandrah-A virtous son illumines the family-1993 May 22
A virtous son illumines the entire clan!

Pradoshe Deepakaschandraha

Prabhaate Deepako Ravihi
Trailoke Deepako Dharmah
Suputrah Kula Deepakaha (2)
Pradoshe Deepakaschandraha…..
It is the moon which gives light during the night,
It is the sun that gives light during the day time,
It is Dharma that sheds light in all the three worlds,
It is a good son who illumines the entire family.
At night time, it is the moon that gives light. During day time, it is the sun which gives us light. In all the three worlds (gross, subtle and causal), the one that gives light is Dharma. A good son illumines the family.

22 May 1993

Na Sariram Punah Punah-Body once gone can never be got back-3.06-2000 May 17
Human Body, once lost, can never be got again

Punarvittam, Punarmitram, Punarpatni, Punar Mahi

Etat Sarvam (2) Punar Labhyam (2)
Na Sariram Punah Punah (2)
Punarvittam (2)
Wealth lost can be regained,
If friends are lost, new friends can be acquired,
If wife is lost, one can marry again,
If some land is lost, one can acquire the land through some difficulty,
All these can be acquired or earned again,
But the human body once lost can never come back again.
Embodiments of Love, if we lose our wealth, we can earn the same through many different ways. Punarmitram – if we lose our friend, we can earn many other friends. Punarpatni – if we lose our wife, we can get married once again. Punar Mahi – if land is lost, we can go through some difficulties and regain it. Na Sariram Punah Punah – if we lose our human body, we can never get it again. How much ever effort we may put in, whatever Sadhana (spiritual exercise we may undertake), that body will never come back to us.    
17 May 2000 

Asthiram Jeevanam Loke-Everything is transient-1.08-1996 July 13
Everything is Transient

Asthiram Jeevanam Loke

Asthiram Yauvanam Dhanam
Asthiram Daara Putraadi
Satyam Keerti Dvayam Sthiram
Life is transient
Youth and wealth are transient
Wife and children are transient
Truth and Reputation – these two are permanent
We should earn a good reputation. How can we get this reputation? Through the path of Truth alone, we can get a good name. We cannot get reputation through any other path. 

13 July 1996

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