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This section of the blog is a compilation of the Telugu poems sung by Bhagawan Baba, mostly at the beginning of His Discourses and at times during the Discourse. The poems contain few lines with profound wisdom. They are like the Subhashitanis in Sanskrit – finite lines with infinite wisdom.
The audio clip of the poem has a name that adopts the following code: Title relating to the central theme of the poem, Duration of the clip, Year-Month-Date of the Clip. Below the title is the English transliteration of the poem followed by the translation in English. Below the English translation is the audio player.  


Determination-1.22-2000 May 24
Hold on…Never give up
Pattina Pattedo Pattane Pattitiri
Pattunetidudaaka Attaneundu
Korinadediyo Koranekoritivi
Korikechellududaaka Povakundu
Adiginadediyo Adagane Adigitivi
Adiginavidudaaka Viduvakundu
Talachinadediyo Talachane Talachitivi
Talaputeerududaaka Povakundu
Poru Padaleka Taanaina Brovavalayu
Vadaluteriyeka Neevaina Adagavaleyu
Antiye Kaani, Tirigipovuta Bhaktulu Deeksha Kaadu
Anyhow you have caught on to something; having caught on to it, keep holding on without leaving it.
Anyhow you have desired for something; having desired thus, until the desire is fulfilled, do not leave.
Anyhow you have asked for something; having asked for it, until it is given, do not give up.
Anyhow you have thought of something; having thought about it, until it is realized, do not go away.
Not able to bear any more, He should come to your rescue.
Or you will have to keep asking until you lose your consciousness.
That is all. A devotee turning back (without achieving his wish) does not amount to determination at all
24 May 2000

Plight of Modern Students-1.48-1996 June 27

Plight of modern students!

Adhika Baashinchu Sooratvam Adhikamayye (2)

Kaarya Soorata Soonyamai Karagipoye
Brathukulu Aadambarmulaaye
Neti Vidyaarthi Brathuku Eepatidaaye
The enthusiasm to talk excessively is on the rise,
The enthusiasm for action is diminishing and melting away,
All Lives are deluded as they are full of pomp and show,
This is the plight of the lives of modern students!
 27 July 1996


God will make you mad after Him and cry for Him-1996 July 14
God will make you mad after Him!

Picchulupogattu Picchipattinchunu

Satchitaanandudu Sai Baba
Kanneeru Teppinchu Kanneeru Tappinchu
Chinmayamurti O Chinni Baba
The one who removes madness and also makes you mad,
Is the embodiment of Sat Chit Ananada – Sai Baba.
The one who brings tears and also wipes away your tears,
Is the personification of Awareness – the young Baba.
(Sai Baba will remove the madness of the world and will make you mad after Him. Sai Baba will wipe away the tears related to the world and will make you shed tears for Him)
14 July 1996

Forgetting God is equivalent to forgetting oneself-1.09-1996 July 14
Forgetting God is forgetting One’s Self

Intilone Jyoti Veluguchunundaga (2)

Porugu Intikaggi Karuganela
Taane Daivambaiyyu (2)
Daivamunu Marachina
Tananu Taanu Marachinatle Kadaa
Tananu… , Tananu Taanu Marachinatle Kadaa
When there is lamp at home,
Why do you need to go to the neighbour’s house to fetch fire?
You yourself being Divine,
If you forget God,
Is it not like forgetting your own Self?
14 July 1996

When we come we carry no wealth and when we go we can carry nothing-3.26-1980 January 25
We take nothing when we leave this world!

Talli Garbhamunundi Janminchunappudu

Talli Garbhamunundi Dhanamutedevvadu
Vellipoyedunaadu Ventaraadu
Lakshaadikaaraina Lavana-mannamekaani,
Merugu Bangaarambu Mringabodu (2)
Vittamaarjana Chesi Virraveegutekaani
Koodapettinasommu Todaraadu
Ponduga Merugaina Bhoomilopala Petti
Daana Dharmamulekaa Daachi Daachi
Tudaku Dongalakitturo Doralakauno (2)
Tene Juntiyaeeyava Teruvarulaku
Intakannanu Vereddi Erugaparatu (2)
Sabhyulaara Sabhyulaara Sabhyulaara


When one is born from the mother’s womb,
No one brings with him any wealth whatsoever.
When you leave the world it (wealth) will not come behind you.
Even a millionaire has to eat only salt and rice,
He cannot swallow glittering gold.
One may accumulate wealth and become arrogant,
But the accumulated wealth will not come behind you.
One may hide all the wealth inside the earth and cover it,
Without using the wealth for any charity or righteous act;
Eventually, no one knows whether this wealth will be taken away by robbers or who else will get this.
Honey bees accumulate honey only to be taken away by passers-by.
What other truth can I tell you O assembly of virtuous people?
25 January 1980

Satva alone can lead us to devotion-1996 July 03

Satva alone can lead to Devotion

Taamasambu Vidakaa Tatvambu Yettugalgu

Raajasambu Vidakaa Raadu Bhakti
Saatvikambe Bhaktisaadhanambuganaiah
Vinudu Bhaaratheeya Veerasutuda
Vinudu Vinudu Bhaaratheeya Veerasutuda
Without giving up the Tamasik quality (dullness, sloth)
How can you comprehend the (Divine) principle?
Without giving up the Rajasik quality (passion, hyperactivity)
Devotion can never come to you
It is only the Satvik nature (pious, noble)
That is the sadhana (spiritual exercise) that can lead you to devotion
Listen to this, the courageous son of Bhaarath
Listen, Listen, Listen to this, the courageous son of Bhaarath
03 July 1996

One can possibly do anything in this world-But can one control his senses-Telugu Poem-2.35-1999 November 22

Can one be always full of equanimity?

Sakala Vidyalu Nerchi (2)

Sabha Jayinchagavachhu
Shoorudai Ranamandu Poravachhu
Rajarajai Putti Rajyamelagavachhu
Hema Godaanamul Eyavachhu
Gaganamandunna Chukkalulekhagonavachhu
Jeevarasulaperlu Cheppavachhu
Ashtaangavidyalanu Abhyasinchagavachhu
Chandramandalamaina Cheravachhu
Kaani, Kaani Dehendrayimularikatti
Manasunilpi Antarmukhamu Chesi Anavaratamu
Nischala Samanachittulai Niluvagalara? (2)
Having acquired all education
It may be possible to win in the assembly of scholars
It may be possible to fight courageously in the battlefield
Having been born as a king, it may be possible to rule the kingdom
One may offer in charity gold and cows
One may even count the number of stars in the sky
One may mention the name of various species present in the world
One may learn all the eight forms of knowledge
One may even travel and reach the moon
But, but, controlling all the senses of the body
Silencing the mind and turning it inwards
Can one ever stay steady perpetually, in the state of equanimity?
22 November 1999

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